Colorful and whimsical pastel rainbow first birthday


All parents want to create a memorable and unforgettable first birthday celebration for their child. We leaped at the chance to organize and create a lovely pastel rainbow-themed party when Emily of Champagne and Chanel asked us to assist her friend Lauren of Secrets ‘n’ Such in celebrating her daughter Olivia’s first birthday: Olivia. This party theme offers a lovely and enjoyable ambiance that everyone will love with its soft, dreamy colors. I have everything you need to make your visitors feel enthralled with the whimsical appeal of a pastel rainbow first birthday party, should you decide to throw your own.

Greetings birthday celebration

Initially, we erected a sign extending into the front yard. The sign was created by Jen Krause Paper Co. and constructed of clear acrylic coated with pastel rainbow colors. We positioned it atop an easel stand and adorned its side with a vibrant balloon garland made by Pop and Drop using pastel rainbow colors.

birthday celebration
birthday celebration

Backdrop with rainbow balloons

We made a massive rainbow balloon wall inside the house using additional balloons.

The balloon wall served as the ideal background for guest and family portraits and the honoree’s seat.

Lauren dressed up the high chair with colorful tulle and gave her a cute party hat to wear as she ate her cake.


Speaking of cakes, we had two made by Sweet Treets Bakery: a tiny pink smash cake for the birthday girl and a stunning pastel rainbow-striped cake for the guests.

Olivia’s name was displayed on the front of the main cake, while the smash cake was adorned with a fondant “1” and a three-dimensional rainbow topper.

I adore showcasing adorned cookies on little easels. Sweets that are also decorations!

birthday celebration
birthday celebration

Food and Beverage

To incorporate the food area into the rest of the party, we used a larger floral arrangement. We also had a ton of food delivered by Hank’s Catering, so we could set up multiple food stations.

Additionally, we used vibrant pastel food labels for the drink and food stations. These gave the entire thing bursts of rainbow color.


We set up a white cloud-shaped bounce castle outside, complete with more pastel rainbow balloons, to amuse the children.

We also put up a whole bunch of rainbow-colored pastel toys, like bubble wands, large blocks, and a ball pit. The family dog was amused as well!

birthday celebration
birthday celebration

Olivia’s big sister revelation, made by Lauren as a thrilling surprise, provided the guests with their last amusement. This was a very adorable and enjoyable way to deliver the news.

Celebrating your child’s first birthday with a pastel rainbow party is an enjoyable and joyous occasion. Kids and adults alike will love a pastel rainbow party, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire an expert.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance organizing or arranging a celebration and you live in the Austin area!

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